Entry Level Web Hosting

Shared hosting is a great starting point for websites low traffic for the first time. It is easy to upgrade in the future as as your website grows.

This hosting package can support management systems popular content.

  1. 15GB SSD Space
  2. 250GB Bandwidth

  1. cPanel included
  2. Wordpress Hosting

Shared Hosting

€1.99 EURO / month


Shared Hosting

The most recommended hosting plan, totally hassle-free, with all premium items.

  • Unlimited number of sites
  • 24/7 support
  • cPanel control panel
  • CloudLinux + Security Immunify360
  • Fast SSD Storage
  • Drag & Drop Site Builder
  • One-click app installation
  • Free Site Restoration Service
  • Free SSL for every site

cPanel & WHM

The best web Hosting Control Panel


Leader in operating system stability


Indispensable security


Spam protection and mail delivery


Built for speed

SitePad web builder

Drag-and-drop, one-click publishing


Restoring backups


Additional Features

Our shared hosting plan includes the following features to help you get the most out of your website

Email accounts


FTP accounts


software packages

Our available scripts

Quickly get started on your website by installing a variety of useful software packages with just one click

Additional features

Our technical specifications

Our shared hosting package includes a wide range of additional features which can be found below

Free with every hosting plan

  • Free website builder with more than 100 models
  • Domain transfer, transfer MYSQL, script transfer
  • Over 400 free scripts can be installed instantly with just a few clicks

Programming and databases

  • Unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access
  • Modules: Curl, CPAN, GD Library, ImageMagick
  • System management: SSH access and scheduling Cron jobs
  • Languages: CGI, Fast CGI, PHP +7.4, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python

cPanel Control Panel

  • Latest cPanel control panel
  • Instant shopping carts, blogs, forums, emails
  • Password protected directories and custom error pages
  • Statistics: AWStats, Webalizer, Raw Log Manager, error logs

Web Hosting Features

  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Flexible and easy to use control panel
  • No contract with a 30 day money back guarantee


Why use WANTÉTÉ to host your website ?

Not only is WANTÉTÉ the cheapest compared to its competitors, you have 30 days to get your money back if you are not satisfied!






Frequently Asked Questions

Shared web hosting, often referred to as web hosting, is one way the most common ways to host your website. This is the option most economical because the overall maintenance costs of the server are shared between several customers. Shared hosting allows multiple websites to use one server physical space by sharing its storage, computing power, network and other resources. This means that many websites reside on one single web server connected to the Internet.

When it comes to deciding on the type of hosting services - whether of a shared hosting or a VPS, you must answer the question main: what is the purpose of my website? If you have a small website and that you expect up to 500 visitors per day, and that you do not need personalized solutions, shared hosting may be right for you.

A domain is like owning property, many would classify it as a means of distinguishing ownership and identity on the Web. Simply put, a domain is a unique name that can be assigned to a website. A domain can make purchases outside the Web hosting company or provider, and the two can operate independently of each other. Owning a powerful and coveted domain is like having a solid asset or investment. It often appreciates over time while serving as a namesake for your online brand or business. It's essentially the essence of your brand and how you brand yourself on the Web. Many webmasters devote a significant amount of it's time to look for popular domains to acquire as long-term investments. While web hosting is designed to ensure that your data is secure and easily accessible, and online all the time; the domain is a separate entity. Ownership of the domain can be purchased on its own, sometimes simply to become the owner of the domain name. Tying the two together, usually the web hosting provider will assign nameservers to your website that you can enter on your domain/website registrar. Once this is done, the Internet will recognize that the domain is linked to your website!

WANTÉTÉ uses CloudLinux on the web servers, in order to improve stability, performance and security of our customers. You can now activate a certain number of powerful services like Attracta (SEO tools), and many more from your control panel.

Shared hosting accounts are designed for a single owner and are delivered with a single cPanel. You can host an unlimited number of domains on a shared plan by adding them to the "Additional domains" section from cPanel. On the other hand, reseller hosting accounts are for those who wish to resell hosting services and essentially act as their own web hosting company.