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You may follow the steps below to install a PHP extension using yum.




To install a PHP extension by command line using yum, you may follow these steps. These steps are for EasyApache 4:


1. Log in to the server using 'SSH', and as the 'root' user.


2. To see what PHP extensions are available for your version, run the following command:


yum search ea-php74-php


Replace the "ea-php74" part with your version of PHP.


3. Choose what RPMs you wish to install.


4. Install those RPMs using the following command:



yum install ea-php74-php-cli ea-php74-php-mbstring ea-php74-php-pspell 


You can install more than one at a time.


5. Choose 'y' when asked.


6. When it completes, the installed extension(s) will be installed and automatically active in EasyApache 4.


7. That's it.

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